I am what happens when red wine evolves so it can walk around and interact with the world. I fall down a lot, I’m not always coherent, and I’ll probably stain your upholstery. But, hopefully, you won’t mind because you’re having such a great time.

Oh, and I’m also a writer. Or Author, if you want to get all top hat and monocle about it. I put words on a page and then I thrust that page under your nose and waive it around until you read it. Kind of a crazy way to try and make a living, but I did imply that I drink a lot, so there’s that. Heh.

Speaking of writing . . . I published a collection of short stories. It’s available at Amazon in print or for Kindle. How cool is that?
Know what would be even cooler? If you bought one. Or twenty. Just click on the picture!
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