this is my new home

I’ve moved around a lot recently. Almost two years ago I quit a job that was killing me and seven months after that, I found a part-time job I loved. Nine months after that I separated from my husband and moved out on my own (well, technically I moved in with a cat, but that’s another story). Just a few months later, I have a full time job that I love and I decide to resurrect my blog-life with a fresh, new domain name.

And that brings us here. And if you’re here, then you’re either one of my long-time internet friends, a real-life friend, or I owe you money. In which case I say, “Hi friends!” and “Man, I swear I sent that check two days ago, the post office ain’t what it used to be, and when you get it don’t be mad that it’s post dated about three months from now, okay?”

One of the moves I hope to make in the near future is into your home. No, don’t go changing your locks or boarding up your dog door. This is the internet, we speak figuratively here, especially since “here” isn’t even really a place, it only exists as ones and zeros on some server buried within a corporate compound, and “we” are nameless, faceless masses huddled over the glare of our computer screens desperate for some kind of contact other than the cold, plastic press of the keyboard beneath our trembling fingers.

Ahem. Anywhoo . . .

I am planning on publishing a book soon. A book you can purchase and either read as pixels on a computer screen or as a paper relic you can hold in your grubby, clammy hands. What will the book be about, you may ask? Well, after praising you for your inquisitiveness, I will tell you the book will be about robots, and demons, and monsters of our own making, and monsters made for us, and dogs, quite a few dogs. Curious? Then this new blog has accomplished one of its missions, which is to stir up interest in my writing projects. The other mission is to generally entertain, which I hope I have done with this here post you just spent your precious time reading.

At this new home of mine you can expect updates on the book (a collection of short stories, to be specific), news about any other writing projects, scraps of random fiction (maybe even including a monthly story based on a paper toy I assemble), all sprinkled liberally with the coarsely-ground peppercorns of my life. Or maybe my life is more like a nutmeg that you grate. Oooh, no, it’s like garlic squeezed through one of those press things that are hell to clean because there’s moving parts and the garlic gets stuck in that mesh shit and it doesn’t fully disassemble and top rack only my ass.

So, yeah. Welcome. For those of you I’ve missed over these many months away from blogland, I look forward to catching up. And for those of you that are new, I . . . um, I’m just gonna say I’m sorry now to save time.



  1. First all, change is a constant old friend. I’m sorry for your separation, congratulations on the new job, new life, and old cat. Sometimes we take steps back, trust me I know. I’m glad to see you back writing. You, my friend, are a real writer and you should continue putting your words out there. I’m looking forward to the book and whatever else you compose.

    Welcome back buddy.


    1. Stevie! Every word of your comment made me smile. And calling me a “real writer” almost brings tears to my eyes. Thank you, thank you for your encouraging words. You are the bestest my sweet friend!


      1. I keep trying to walk away from my dream but I keep being inspired by the people in my life. If you can write a book, I can get booked to speak. And yes you’re a real writer my friend.


  2. Welcome back Amy! It’s funny but our lives have followed very similar trajectories. I’ve been off work on a disability claim and am thinking off ditching the old life all together.

    I too am having conflict at home and I’m in the germination stages of starting a new blog that I hope to turn into a book.

    Funny how life works. I’m glad you’re back and writing again. Your situation gives me hope that I to will find my new path in life.

    Don’t stop believing!


    1. Wow. We are traveling similar paths, aren’t we? Sorry to hear that life hasn’t been going the best for you. I often think us writer-type people kinda have an advantage in that we tend to turn our misfortune into art. All my best to you on your journey!


      1. Yea, I guess we do, don’t we. In my case I’m coming off a 20 year bender, I think it was Joe Walsh that said ” I got drunk once… For Twenty years! ”

        My new writing is going to be all about my somewhat foggy years, the depths of pain, my somewhat comical situations, some down right scary moments and hopefully my redemption as a newly sober Bob.

        Like you I will be starting a separate page, Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond is not the forum to get into my personal life. So in a way I guess I know what you’ve been going through.


        1. And I totally know what you’ve been going through, only from the other side, dealing with my husband’s battle with alcohol. Good for you! I know that is an ongoing battle.


          1. Ok now you’re freaking me out! Good for you though on finding the strength to leave. It’s not easy on anyone in that situation. We, at the end of the day, have to be aware of what’s best for ourselves. Often confused with being selfish.

            But when stuck in that situation it’s hard enough to try and be honest with others and Goddamn impossible to be honest with ourselves. Braking the cycle is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do. If I had known that this year was going to be full of emotionally exhausting heavy lifting, I would have stayed drunk.


  3. Well, I was gonna say “eep” but someone rudely stole that. So welcome back. I think you are one of the most interesting and funniest people I’ve ever read. You crack me up. Wait. I think I’m complimenting you. Whatever. I, for one, look forward to our new Amy Camy Do overlords. I want in on the ground floor of this.


    1. I totally read it as “Amy Camy Do!” It makes me giggle.
      And a compliment from you is worth like eleventy dozen from a normal, well-adjusted person. So, thank you very much!!


  4. Am I one of your internet friends or one of your real life friends? I want to be both but that would mean that I’m two people and if so, and I’m now convinced it IS so, how do I know that my internet friend self isn’t trying to murder my real life friend self? See what you just did to me? And this is like day one! This is going to be a wild ride.

    Also, thanks for the “Pimpin” I know it ain’t easy.

    Love this, love you, and you rock harder than anybody!


    1. You’re kinda like Schrodinger’s Friend – you exist as an internet friend and a real life friend simultaneously until you are observed. So the second I meet you in person, your final state will be determined.
      And pimpin’ you is always easy cause you got the good stuff that everyone wants.
      Love you!


  5. This is like going home. Stee, Bob, Pegoleg, Lenore, Scott, Jan, Shoutabyss. And the legion of others that I have come to know and love. Thank you, baby girl, for bringing us all together again. Let’s Par Tayyyyyyyyyy!


  6. First, I’m glad you’re back!! Second, I’m sad your old calendar stories are off-line. It’s one of those things where I don’t go back and read things over, but I like knowing they’re there. So I feel a little lost knowing they are not available. Now, on less selfish lines, I’m sorry about your break-up, but I’m super glad about your new job. I know you were miserable in that old soul-sucking job. I’m excited about the book!! And like Lenore, I need to get myself back blogging again. Not that I had anything super awesome to add to the internet noise, but I miss the people. Anyway, I’m really glad one of my people is back!


    1. I missed the people too! I love interacting with my internet friends and am looking forward to catching up with everyone. And you may see some of those calendar stories again. I’ve rewritten a couple and am planning on including them in my future short story collection.
      Thank you, Michelle!


  7. It’s about time. Now I can stop taking my anxiety medication.
    Here’s a helpful tip I once read about writing:

    If you want to write more, write more.
    I amended that to: if you want to write more, write more drunk.

    Then I amended that by stealing a line from Hemingway:

    “Write drunk; edit sober.”

    Not sure about that sober part…

    Nice to have you back.


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