the unboxening

Okay, y’all know I’m a huge dork, right? Well, if you didn’t before, you certainly will after watching this video wherein I open my Loot Crate box. I debated for days whether or not to even post this. There’s a reason why I’m a writer and not an actress or newscaster or infommercial spokesmodel. So, sorry in advance for my face and my voice. And also double sorry that I totally mis-identified Bowser as Shredder in the video. Please don’t revoke my geek card for that snafu. And it was evening when I shot the video, so no comments about drinking wine for breakfast. I save that for my birthday.



  1. I’ve said that you have the coolest voice EVER and now you’ve proven to have the personality to back it up. Now that you’ve shown me the wondrous delight of your box, I’m hooked. You must give me more AMY.

    Love love love the Joker high art poster.


  2. I’m a week late but hey, I figured you’d still be excited.

    Loved the video. I thought you had natural on-air flair. However, I think you did all your readers a disservice by not pausing and putting on the tee and socks. But we’ll let that slide because we like you.

    So happy you’re happy. Can we get back to drinking now?


    1. You’re only three days late, not a week, and I’m always excited. Always.

      You’re lucky I paused to take a breath, much less do a wardrobe change. Cheers!


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