Live Nude Words

I suck at self-promotion. It makes me feel dirty and not in a good way. But I know I have to promote my writing if I ever want to succeed as an author. So . . . Here are some links to where you can read stories of mine that have been published elsewhere, either free on other websites or for sale in book form. Click on them. Or don’t. I won’t pressure you. But it would make me happy. Ugh, I gotta go wash my hands now.


Empty, Not Hollow – my self-published short story collection!

“Human Error” – short story trio selected as a finalist in the Flash Suite contest at Defenestrationism.

“The Box” – short story for sale in the anthology 100 Doors to Madness by Forgotten Tomb Press.

“What Dreams May Come” – a true ghost story from my past for sale in the anthology Ghosthunting USA.