Here are author rock stars I know in real life. Visit their blogs, stalk them on social media, buy their books. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Kaitlin Bevis – Young Adult author of the “Daughters of Zeus” series, which sets Greek myths in modern day. Snarky gods and goddesses, family drama, and the ruler of the Underworld is actually a pretty nice guy. Who knew?

Kyoko M. –  Author of  Urban Fantasy novel “The Black Parade” and its companion short story collection “The Deadly Seven.” Follow our funny, smart, and kinda cranky hero, Jordan, as she tries to save the world from demons while also trying not to fall in love with a handsome ghost named Michael.

Michael Rupured – Gay romance/thriller author of “Until Thanksgiving,” “After Christmas Eve,” and coming soon, “Happy Independence Day.” More than just love and crime stories, his books are fascinating glimpses into gay life set during different points in the latter twentieth century.

Scott Oglesby – His memoir, “Lost In Spain,” is hilarious and insane and, he assures me, all true. It’s a wild ride with gypsies, plagues of files, a crumbling house, and juvenile delinquents, but it’s also a thoughtful journey to the other side of addiction.